First Baptist Church of Prichard, AL
Ruth & Naomi Project


First Prichard Academy, partnering with Ruth and Naomi Ministry of the
historical First Baptist Church of Prichard, Inc.; a 501 ( c ) 3 organization,
have in place a three-fold community project address our health and
economic disparities.
Our goal is to have the healthiest community in CityplacePrichard, StateAL and document
our actions, creating a model for other churches and communities.
I. Church and Community Tutoring Garden Project.
A.  The elderly are training the young with one on one hands on Instruction.
* Ground preparation
* Seed planting
* Transplanting plants and trees
* How to nurture it
* How and when to harvest it
* How to prepare it using herbs for healthy consumption
* How to preserve (can) fruit and vegetables for short and long term use
Our goal is to plant a variety of eatable fruits and vegetables. Our strategy
is to create competition between teams. The winning teams will be awarded
ribbons and certificates at the end of each growing season.
This will encourage:
* Mental exercise can be obtained by the competition between teams
* Long and short term goals will be used to improve productivity
* Improvement in physical exercise by working outside
* Improved socialization through fellowship and shared experiences

We plan to have a banquet at the end of the growing season. We will feast
on products that are the fruit of our labor; produce without additives,
preservatives and high sodium contents, Seasons in part, will be herbs
grown in our herb garden.
II. We are promoting Health Outreach and Prevention Education (HOPE) a
program designed by the National Baptist Convention U.S.A. .Jnc, and
endorsed by First Lady Michelle Ohama's "Let's Move Initiative".
* A holistic approach to healthy eating and living
* Our wellness program focus on proper diet and exercise
* As well as monitoring medication to assure proper usage for the
   elderly and the young
* We hold workshops on programs that are available to our
   community and how to enroll in them.
III. Our Senior Health Program provide one on one service to our elderly in
the area of:
* Transportation to the doctor or other reasonable activities
* Getting medication whether funds are available or not
* Eating and taking medication properly as prescribed hy doctor
* Creating social activities for exercise and fresh air
* Monitor and improve their living conditions as permissible
We are a community of believers who choose to start where we are, use
what we have, do the best we can and allow God to give us the increase.

                                    Pastor Walter G Bracy

The Ministry Of Ruth & Naomi -- "thy people shall be my people, and thy God will
be my God" Ruth 1:16
The Ruth and Naomi miniatry was designed to assist our Senior and Middle aged
members, of the First Baptist Church Of Prichard, to work in an interactive
program that will enhance and improve spiritual, as well as, social interaction.
We believe that this ministry will increase fellowship, to decrease feelings of
isolation and the tendency to withdraw, one of the symptoms that can occur with
We also believe that the ministry will provide programs and activities that will
increase learning skills necessary to maintain feelings of usefulness and well being.
The following is a list of tools and activities we plan to implement to achieve these
1. Increase awareness of community, city and state resources available to Seniors.
2. To provide transportation for outing and doctor appointments, as needed.
3. To provide creditable information to keep our Seniors informed.
4. Introduce healthy ways to prepare meals; using herbs grown in our herb garden.
5. A wellness and medication program, headed by an RN, to assure proper
    Compliance and knowledge of their medication.

6. To encourge revelant feedback from Seniors,to ensure protective oversight